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Beau Brummel Minuet (both versions)

Elgar's incidental music for Bertram P. Matthews’ play Beau Brummel was written in 1928. According to contemporary reports the music was very extensive : however, it has entirely disappeared with the exception of this Minuet, which survives both in its original version for theatre band and a slightly shorter version for full orchestra. This is the first appearance in print of the stage version, and the first publication of the full score of the concert version.

A printable PDF of the playscript can be downloaded by going to the page entitled ‘Beau Brummel — Elgar’s Lost Masterpiece’ and clicking on the link provided.

ISBN : 978-1-873690-14-7

Duration : 4 minutes.

Orchestral requirements : Stage version : 1 1 2 1  0 2 2 0  Timp/Perc (1 player)  Strings (minimum 2-2-1-1-1). 
Orchestral version : 2 2 2 2  2 2 3 0 Timp 1Perc Strings.

Difficulty : Straightforward.

Study score : Available from Acuta Music in a limited edition of 300 copies. Includes detailed Editorial commentary. See "Sales" bookmark for price and ordering details.

Orchestral parts, Conductor's full score : Available for sale from Goodmusic. Click here for a link to Goodmusic's Beau Brummel Minuet web page.

Copyright : Although Elgar's music is out of copyright, the Acuta Music and the Acuta/Goodmusic editions of the Beau Brummel Minuet constitute a "copyright edition" for the purposes of performance and recording, and should be disclosed as such on PRS or MCPS returns.

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