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Andante & Allegro for Oboe

Oboe and String Trio 

This short work for Oboe and three String instruments was written c.1878, probably for performance at Worcester Glee Club. It has never previously been published.

YouTube has a video of a live performance here.

ISBN (Score and string parts) : 978-1-873690-11-6.
ISMN : 979-0-708999-11-9.

Duration : 6 minutes.

Instrumentation : Solo Oboe, Violin, Viola, Violoncello. Performance on Bb Clarinet is possible using the transposed part included with the Piano reduction (see below).

Difficulty : Andante — Grade 3. Allegro — Grade 7.


Oboe and Piano (arr Robert Kay)

Original String Trio version (above) arranged for Oboe and Piano.

Oboe + Piano reduction : Oboe part also comes with versions for Flute and for Clarinet in B Flat - these solo parts can all be used with the original string trio version (see above).

ISBN (Oboe + Piano) : 978-1-873690-13-0.
​ISMN :​ 979-0-708999-13-3.

Copyright : Although Elgar’s music is now out of copyright, the Acuta editions of the Andante & Allegro constitute a “copyright edition” for copyright purposes, and should be disclosed as such on any PRS or MCPS returns.

Availability : For both publications : TRADE AND RETAIL DISTRIBUTION BY HAL LEONARD EUROPE, BURY St. EDMUNDS IP33 3YB (quote title, version and ISMN). ALL ORDERS SHOULD BE MADE TO HAL LEONARD EITHER DIRECT OR VIA YOUR LOCAL MUSIC RETAILER. Score/parts set or Oboe + Piano version can also be purchased online from Goodmusic Publishing Ltd.

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